Colorado United Tournament Travel Guidelines

Purpose of Travel

  • There are numerous ideas and philosophies behind teams traveling to out of state tournaments. One of the primary reasons is to face new and different competition. After a certain time frame teams start to see the same teams in league and in state tournaments. This is not necessarily healthy for the team’s development. When seeing new teams there will be different styles of play, different coaching philosophies, different climates and field conditions that players must adapt to. This will help players and teams develop in other aspects of the game.
  • When teams travel to out of state tournaments there are responsibilities that the Coach must oversee and be in control of. The Coaches are ultimately responsible for every player that is in attendance. Teams are present at tournaments representing the Littleton Soccer Club.

Director of Coaching Approval

  • All tournaments must be approved by the age group Director of Coaching prior to entering an out of state tournament.
  • Please complete the Competitive Travel Tournament Request Form prior to making any arrangements and submit it to the Director of Coaching for your age group.
  • After receiving approval, the Team Admin, Treasurer and/or the Team Tournament Coordinator of teams traveling for the first time must set an appointment with the club Competitive Administrator, Lorie Loar to discuss the planning process. Please contact Lorie by email to set up an appointment.

All travel tournaments require DOC approval.

Tournament Team Expenses

U11-U14 White and Blue Teams

  • All players will participate in all tournaments. Players not attending are still responsible for their proportionate share of tournament expenses; tournament entry and coach travel expenses, if applicable.

Travel Tournaments

  • All team expenses are divided equally between all players on the team roster. Expenses include, but are not limited to, tournament entry fee and coach travel (lodging, transportation and meals).
  • Guest players will pay 50% of the fee charged to rostered players (expenses for tournament entry and coach travel). Guest players must be informed of financial responsibility when invited to participate. These funds collected from guest players can then be refunded to the non-participating players, after all accounting is complete for the tournament.
  • Chaperone expenses (may apply at U14) for transportation and lodging, are equally shared by all participants, including guest players.

U11-U14 Red/Gold/Silver/Bronze Teams

  • Local Tournaments (Front Range) – All players will pay equal share of entry fee and associated tournament expenses; this includes players not attending.

Travel Tournaments (includes Vail, Pueblo, Grand Junction, Steamboat, Out of State)

  • Play and Pay Policy – all team expenses associated with the event are equally divided by only participating players, including guest players. These expenses include, but are not limited to, tournament entry fee, coach travel (lodging, transportation and meals), and chaperone expenses (U14-if team chooses to travel with chaperones).

U15-U19 ALL Teams Colorado and Out-of-State Tournaments, including State Cup and President’s Cup

  • Play and Pay Policy – all team expenses associated with the event are equally divided by only participating players, including guest players. These expenses include, but are not limited to, tournament entry fee, coach travel (lodging, transportation and meals), and chaperone expenses (transportation and lodging). Guest players must be informed of financial responsibility at time they are invited to play.

Travel Arrangements

When possible, teams must travel together. When flight arrangements are made, they will be made as a team. The players are expected to travel together unless there are extenuating circumstances that don’t allow an individual to travel with their team mates. There are numerous reasons players need to travel:

  • It establishes a team environment
  • It sets a good focus for the players
  • It gives a sense of professionalism
  • It gives a sense of Club unity

Teams should attempt to travel as early as possible to get settled in at the hotel, have a team training session, a team meeting and then have a good team dinner the night before the tournament starts.

Travel Coordinators should request a group check in for all players. This will ensure the players are together on the flight and no individual can be missed.

Teams should be made aware that some of the costs involved will be covered by all players who are registered to the team. If a player is not going to travel, that should be made clear to the coach before flights and hotels are reserved. Those players will still be responsible for their share of the “team” expenses, which includes tournament entry fee and coach travel expenses

Hotel Arrangements

All players will stay at the same hotel. If there are numerous teams traveling to a tournament then the Club will encourage those teams to all stay at the same facility. Again, for extenuating circumstances there can be some flexibility in this policy. Players will share rooms with team-mates, depending on the age group traveling;

  • U11 – U14 boys and girls – players stay with parents in rooms
  • U15 – U19 boys and girls – players share rooms with players, 3-4 per room

It is also important to check with the hotel as to any rules or regulations they may have in regards to the age of the occupant and whether they require an adult in each room.

At least one chaperone room needs to be on each floor as the players. Players are not to wander from that floor without permission from the coach or chaperone, and must always stay in groups of two or more. Remember, the coach is ultimately responsible for the players on any road trip. Hotels that are used should be enclosed environments and players should not have access to outside of the facility by simply walking out of their rooms. A little extra should be paid for safety factors.

Dress Code

When traveling to out of state tournaments (especially when flying) a dress code will be set. Teams should wear a club identifying garment such as their warm ups or polo shirts (with logo) and pants, for example. This will help the Coach identify their players at the airport and other facilities. No teams should travel without a dress code. This may vary for male and female teams but the same principle applies.

Rental Mini Vans/Cars

Costs and safety issues should be taken into account when reservations are made. Twelve and 15 passenger vans are not allowed due to safety considerations. Teams should also take out the insurance policy through the rental agency that is used. A driver will also be assigned to each vehicle that will be consistent for the duration of the tournament. Players will also be assigned a vehicle for the entire tournament.


All parent chaperones MUST complete a background check at least two weeks prior to the travel date. The team administrator or team tournament coordinator should provide the club with a list of chaperone names for each tournament.

For safety purposes, chaperones are required for all out of town trips (U15-U19), for any team without adequate parent participation. The coach will select no more than three (3) chaperones per trip. After the chaperones are selected, the coach will identify the chaperone’s responsibilities. The chaperones expenses, including transportation and lodging, will be divided equally between all players participating, including guest players. Meals are the chaperones personal expense. No more than two (2) same gender chaperones will be expected to share a room. In the event a chaperone chooses to reserve a single room, the team will contribute the proportionate share of a double room toward