Check in will be conducted via email (scanned documents) or fax and must be done by Tuesday, February 27th at Noon. Please put your teams age, club and gender in the Subject line.

When sending through the initial roster; please cross out any players on your rosters; that are not playing in the tournament.

Email address:
Fax: 303 797 6536

Each team will be required to check in to the tournament tent 1 hour before your teams first game, additional documents needed at this time are:

  • Picture pass rosters or laminated player passes (with picture) for all players and coaches
  • Medical releases for all players
  • Copy of the tournament rules
  • Team official will pick up the tournament verified team and guest player roster at this time

If teams don’t have these items or have players playing without the correct documentation they will be subject to forfeit of points for the tournament. The referee will check player passes/picture rosters before each game.