United Resources and College Advisory Program (U’RCAP)

U’RCAP is designed to assist any student athlete with the college process, whether it involves playing soccer in college or not. Chris Smith, U’RCAP Director is a high school counselor by trade and academics and connecting students to their future goals always come first. Having a strong academic understanding of the present and what the future can hold is the key to success for any young person who wishes to pursue post-graduate studies- or who is simply looking for the best ways in which to reach their future endeavors.

The role of the U’RCAP Director is to assist players in meeting such goals and possibly helping them to open up opportunities to play soccer in college as well. If not a personal pursuit to play in college, it’s not big deal, but at least players then have the base knowledge about the college search process and how to connect their academics to both athletics and to their futures.

For further information please email Chris Smith

Link to an article with some great tips for our Seniors still looking to be recruited.

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Before every Tournament/Showcase, or ID camp, please use the following videos to help update your CFF Profile:


Go to: https://www.collegefitfinder.com/


  • Click on “login” at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Enter your Username (firstnamelastname, i.e. johnjones)
  • Enter your password (same as your username, unless you changed it on your initial login). 

***If you need assistance with a password, please contact Coach Chris Smith at: chris@littletonsccer.net

2020 Grads Player Webinar

2020 Grads – Coach Webinar

Profile and Basics

Adding a Player Profile Photo

Video Editing

Recruiting and Colleges

Activity (Communications with College Coaches)


Adding a Player Commitment

Colorado United and Littleton Soccer Club is presenting to each student athlete within our club the opportunity to explore college endeavors both academically and athletically. Below, you can click on the link for instructions for using College Fit Finder and all that entails the United Resources for College and Academic Planning Program (U’RCAP). Each U15 and older player in our club is asked to create a profile through CollegeFitFinder.com. All coaches will have access to player profiles and will be assisting their players in making sure the profile is completed, both for their team and each player on the roster.

As for the player profile on CollegeFitFinder.com, in some manner it is a way to build a self-portrayal of the student athlete as a whole person. Players can use the profile to present to college coaches such information but also use the profile as a skill builder they can use as a pre-resume for their futures as well. It also assists players with college searches and it helps them to learn how to appropriately communicate with adults in a professional setting.

The U’RCAP Director will open up the option to meet with players individually after completing their profiles so possible future plans can be discussed. Many players have already taken advantage of this opportunity and we will open up individual meetings again. This is a very unique opportunity, as we are the only local club that offers such a resource.

Ultimately, it is the Colorado United and LSC goal is to assist student athletes in finding their way. We believe each of our soccer players deserve the opportunity to reach and exceed their goals in soccer and in life. We want to provide players the opportunity to fins a truthful and realistic plan for their future. As with our hard work with players on the soccer field, we want to instill the same skills in our players off the pitch as well. Our Club motto states, “Developing Players for Life”, which is exactly what we hope to do with College Fit Finder and the U’RCAP Program.

Please feel free to contact the U’RCAP Director if you have further questions and we hope such information helps each of you in finding your way in life, through the “beautiful game” of soccer.

Click for College Fit Finder Instructions

College Fit Finder Checklist.  Print this out to have in front of you as you complete each box.

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Please feel free to contact the U’RCAP Director if you have further questions and we hope such information helps each of you in finding your way in life, through the “beautiful game” of soccer.

Chris Smith

It’s never too early to plan where you want to go to college!

Click the Quick Reference for a look on how and when to plan.

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Thinking about playing at a Junior College first? Click here to see that option.

This document was created to support our players during the COVID-19 Pandemic with their continued pursuit of college and possible college programs. Much of the information comes from Scouting Zone, but I fit it to our programming for our community.   Also created was a new email template for players to use when reaching out to coaches.  Click Recruiting Game Plan

The college recruiting process is a once and a lifetime experience. Being prepared and proactive will go a long way. For more information click here

Have a question not covered here? Email us! support@littletonsoccer.net